Boldenone, or also known as Equipoise is an excellent steroid used by many performance athletes and bodybuilders when it comes to increasing muscle mass, body strength and boosting physical performance, among others. Unlike other complex steroids, Boldenone is pretty straightforward- it’s a supplement that presents a notable anabolic activity in an even, clean method. Equipoise is a steroid favored by sportsmen and bodybuilders in the UK who wish to get a dramatic mucle mass gain and muscle definition with little to no side effects.

Benefits of Boldenone

Boldenone is also known in many other names such as Ultragan and Ganabol. All of them are associated with supplements that does wonders to a bodybuilder’s physique- noticeable stamina improvement, better nitrogen retention, aggression, a more efficient protein synthesis, greater fiber and muscle size. This steroid also works well with promotion stimulants and synergizes with them in bringing all of the aforementioned benefits, along with an increased facilitation on forming lean mass while optimizing muscle hardness and muscle definition.

Boldenone’s steroid activity is mainly anabolic with preference on low androgenic potency. It increases the ability of the user’s body to retain more nitrogen and moves synthesis of protein faster, leading to the presence of more erythropoietin in the kidneys and a notable increase in appetite. The potency of this supplement is such that it can also a provide faster reaction time, overall augmenting the user’s agility.

Equipoise isn’t only well-known in bodybuilders and performance athletes’ circles, but it is also renowned in the animal world, particularly for horses. “EQ” is often introduced to horses during training, to increase the animal’s appetite as well as increase their lean body weight. In fact, Boldenone users pretty much know how the steroid induces voracity in the intake of food. It’s a useful ability when an athlete needs to consume the required daily caloric intake for maximum performance.

Use of Boldenone is also tied to erythropoiesis stimulation, something that helps in development and the sculpting of lean muscle mass and red blood cell formation. Like most steroids, it produces an explosion of strength that can be used in a variety of ways. One, it could be a welcome addition in an off-season performance plan; and two, it could be used to enhance a performance athlete’s abilities on-season. Unfortunately, there’s a long detection time involved when using Boldenone, with the steroid lasting up to five months in the user’s system. This powerful supplement certainly delivers an oomph in performance, and if you plan to use it you should also think of an enhanced recovery plan as well.

Those who are interested in bringing Equipoise to the picture will need to be patient, as this steroid can certainly bring about massive muscle gains in incremental periods. Suggestions on how to pair up Equipoise include Winstrol, Halotestin, Trenbolone acetate or Trenbolone, Testosterone and Anavar. As much as Boldenone is widely used for bulking, it can also be called upon to help in the cutting cycle, with its remarkable ability to retain and protect lean muscle mass from being used up during training.

Anyone knows that you will need to burn more calories than you consume in order to get rid of unneeded body fat. This method is called the caloric deficit plan, and the principle applies whether the person utilizes an anabolic steroid or not. There’s a risk in going with a caloric deficit, though; the lean muscle mass can get carried away as the body adjusts itself to effectively function with less calories. Sure, individuals can utilize a plan of diet to minimize the loss, but often the regimen isn’t enough. An anabolic steroid greatly helps in retaining that muscle mass you’ve worked so hard for, with the plus that it can also lead to great conditioning effects on the body. Combine that with non-aromatizing supplemental steroids such as Trenbolone or Masterone (Drostanolone), and the conditioning effects multiply.

The best time to introduce Boldenone in a bodybuilding cutting cycle is right at the front end. The use of this steroid on the whole cycle isn’t generally recommended, as this steroid can potentially increase estrogenic activity. As such, the supplement is discontinued at the second half of the plan. Estrogenic activity should be kept at an optimal low, or even removed altogether in any bodybuilding cycle if possible.

Boldenon does its job best when taken in 200 to 400mg each week for men, and 50 to 100mg each week for women.

Side Effects of Boldenone

The problem with Equipoise as an anabolic steroid is that it doesn’t really aromatize that heavily, but it does aromatize to estrogen. This is because the big T hormone interacts differently with the aromatase enzyme. As such, high estrogen levels are normally avoided as they could lead to excessive water retention, high blood pressure and gynecomastia. On the good side, the aromatizing activity is considered moderate as compared most other steroids, with the side effects so minimal that most bodybuilders easily get around it. The supplement can be taken in moderate doses to become manageable, but can also be taken in high doses with careful attention.

Boldenone is so potent but it may require the use of anti-estrogenic medication. This depends upon the user’s ability to keep the estrogenic side effects in check, but it always pays to keep one in case.

EQ also introduces some potential androgenic side effects for the steroid user. Probably the most common signs of androgen side effects include deepening of the voice, hoarseness, prostrate problems, oily skin, unnatural hair loss or hair growth in uncommon areas and acne. Acne can appear in the most unusual areas such as the back, shoulder and chest. When this happens, you may use anti-acne or anti-bacterial soap to counter the effects of Boldenone. It should be worthy to note that the androgenic effects and complications usually develop on the higher doses than moderate ones.

The steroid user can also develope some serious hunger pangs and cravings while on Pharmacom Bold 300. Bodybuilders are advised to start on lower doses to control appetite and acclimatize to it as they proceed to the cutting cycle.

It is certainly possible to OD with Boldenone. Make sure to consult with the appropriate dosing to minimize the risk. Effects include increased aggression, excessive water retention leading to high blood pressure and sexual dysfunction.